How to Send Email at a Specific Time With Gmail

I am a fan of using Gmail for all of my email needs, in particular, the Google Apps version. However, there is one thing that Gmail is missing that I find essential for increasing email productivity. How do you send an email at a specific time in the future? This blog post will show you how to do that using free tools. Enjoy!

First the bad news, Gmail can not do this. I suggest that all who read this send a request to the Gmail support team to add this feature natively to Gmail.

Now for the good news, Gmail has implemented IMAP which is a feature that allows us to utilize other free email tools to send emails at a predetermined specified time.

First download and install Thunderbird, then connect to your GMail account using IMAP, then follow this guide and you are done!

Here are some ideas for using this new tool:

  • Send reminders to yourself or your staff for the day, week, month or year.
  • Implement a drip marketing campaign.
  • Create all your happy birthday emails one year in advance.
  • Send status report requests on projects that you have delegated.
  • Set up a home and car maintenance schedule.
  • Send inspirational pictures and quotes to yourself throughout the week.
  • Pick out four pieces of information of great value to someone and send them out once a week.

There is one big downside to this method. Since Thunderbird operates on your local computer, the computer must be turned on at the time the email is to be sent.

There is a web based solution available that allows you to send predefined emails called TimeCave; however, it does not interface with GMail.

What are some of your ideas for sending emails at predefined times?


  1. Great idea. For what it's worth, I just signed up to so I could get automated email reminders.

    • G mail is a good email network it should add this feature for its users convenience. is there any other network/email that have ability to send the auto email??

  2. An idea for sending an email at a later time—

    Those times at 2AM when you have something to say but you know the recipient will not appreciate a drunken email!

    just need to make sure it's well-worded and sounds sober! 😉

  3. Have a site that can do it for you. That can send a email like you send email with gmail. Try it:


  4. Yeah LetterMeLater is definitely the best way to do this currently. Once you have an account, you can schedule emails by just sending them to, it works great once you get the hang of it. The details are listed here:

  5. Hi,

    Another Service you can try (see link under my name). Lets you send emails at a later time, and doesn't require registration.

    It does send you an email to verify your From address first though.

  6. What about using Google Calendar and setting up and email alert?

  7. Here's a free online service that I find works relatively well for sending scheduled emails.

    You actually send the email to them, and they schedule it for sending: Deferred Sender

  8. I've just used TimeCave to schedule an email on this, most auspicious of numerological days.

    It will be sent to a numerologist friend at 09:09 on 09/09/09 all being well.

    That saves me having to be up at that time, as I work til 4am usually!

  9. This is a great idea, too bad that GMail still hasn't implemented it. I would be happy if they limited the number of emails a week you could use this with (to avoid mild spammers).

  10. I want to send email automatically daily when specific time is archive,in asp.net2.0 API.

  11. Sendible will do this, but you need to setup each recipient in advance as a contact in Sendible. So that's a little clunky. But it's great if you are sending to the same few people repeatedly.

  12. i want to know how to send different word documents to different mailid's at a time.

  13. "Here’s a free online service that I find works relatively well for sending scheduled emails. You actually send the email to them, and they schedule it for sending: Deferred Sender"

    Wow, this is the best free solution I have seen. If anyone can do better than this, feel free to email me. Other than that, I would combine it with the Google Labs feature "Canned Responses" so that you can have the to: cc: bcc: and time for delivery at the top of the email so that you can just insert the information quickly.

  14. If you're using Outlook try Boomerang. It's a plugin that lets your right click on your email and choose when you want to get back to it. Much easier in my opinion.

  15. Great idea. I sent GMAIL a suggestion. Thanks.

  16. Provided that you HOST or have email set-up with Their own web-based email has EASY setting to Schedule Delivery automatically at your later specified time.

    With the TRILLIONS of $$$ that has and the MILLIONS of people utilizing their services and LABS… one would think that they could fix their OWN problem with not being able to delay sending out mail till a later time… Right???

  17. I have been scheduling email with Send Later for Thunderbird, but the latest version of Thunderbird has some serious problems. I'm afraid Thunderbird is going the way of the dodo. So, I'm back on the campaign to get this integrated in GMail!

  18. rashidqadri says:

    Guys, such tool is already available in OUTLOOK. Look for "Delay or Schedule Delivery/Sending a message in OUTLOOK"

    I wish GMAIL would have such tool soon!

  19. I have found an addon that integrates with Google called Boomerang. It does require a beta invite currently but you can do so via Twitter.

    TWITTER request link

  20. Time Cave can send you email using your gmail address but how come they will not integrate with gmail?

  21. I don't know if any of the above works…. But this one sure does.

    Checkout Boomerang for Gmail !!

  22. This works perfect for me but

    but Boomerang for Gmail did work at all……..i gave the specific time but it just send at the same time of sending..:(

  23. Hmm, there seems to be some difficulties with the first link, as it returns a 404 error

  24. does it very well!

  25. Muhammad Ashar says:


  26. Blair Kutzman says:

    Hey guys, I just finished the beta version of a Google Script that allows you to schedule gmails to be sent at a later time. Please keep in mind that it's not finished yet, but if you would like to give it a try check out:



    • Awesome! Thanks for the info. Just tried out the Thunderbird ext which worked great. Hope that this Google Delay Send works out.

  27. Making sure that busy HR people get my job application FIRST THING on MONDAY even though with my current job the only time I had to write was LAST THING on THURSDAY or before dawn on Friday morning. Too bad my phone is not cool enough to let me reply during work breaks. Seriously, what about "currently working at Home Depot" do these HR chicks NOT understand?! I can't be checking my e-mail all day. I'm nowhere near a computer. Yet it's always first come, first serve.

  28. using gmail only in a browser. wont be implementing this solution.

  29. Hey everybody,

    Development on Gmail Delay Send has been going well.. Some more info:

    It's a free service written in Google Apps Script that runs on Google's own servers. Because it doesn't require anything to be installed on your phone/browser it's available on any platform you can compose a gmail message from.

    The way it works is you compose an email directly within gmail, the only change to your normal process is to specify on the subject line when you want the email sent (eg. instead of "I love gmail" you would write "I love gmail — tomorrow, 1pm"). The email will be sent by from your gmail account at the time specified.

    Hope this can help some of you.



  30. Bryan Luksus says:

    Sendwhenever supports Plain Text only, even when you copy & paste a pre-formatted message. Also, the address bar does not auto-propograte with your contacts or group list, so you would have to copy & paste every single contact. Not worth it to me, looking for another solution.

  31. This works for me, and it's free!

  32. Stephanie says:

    Hey guys, I found a feature that really works for sending mails later as well. Here`s the link:… And there's also a video on youtube:

  33. I'm goint to try rightinbox, it's gmail integrated and the limited version is free.

  34. please create automatic sending mails in the particular time this our humble request

  35. If you are willing to use another service besides GMail, check out

  36. Thunderbird does not work. You only can set the message to send later (under the File tab) but it only gets saved in the outbox for you to go into & send later on your own. I was hoping to be able to set a time and date of when to send it :(

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