How To Download Videos

Before attempting this, please consult with the terms of service.

This tip shows you how to download a pre-recorded video stream to your local computer as a .flv file.

  1. Navigate to the video stream that you want to download. (note that this does not work on currently streaming videos)
  2. Right-click “Open in popup window” and open the link in a new tab.
  3. In the URL, remove everything before and up to “&flv=”.
  4. Hit refresh and the file should start downloading.


Actually, there is a much easier way, just go here: and look for “How to Convert Recorded Video Files to Different File Types and How to Download Them”


@CJ has the most recent working answer. Check his method here. Thanks @cj!


  1. how does this work? i cant get this to work can someone help??

  2. Actually, there is a much easier way, just go here: and look for "How to Convert Recorded Video Files to Different File Types and How to Download Them"

  3. yea but i wanna download someone's else recorded video how can i do that?

  4. @real

    Did you try the steps in the article? At what point did the process break down?

  5. Frans Van Wyk says:

    The problem is the video I want to download does not have &flv= anywhere in the url

  6. deshotel says:

    Me too. Nothing in the URL like what you said so its not working.

  7. boo on this. It doesn't have &flv in the url. The process breaks down in step #3. Very frusterating.

  8. @Sarah

    Apparently they have changed their methods a bit. I have updated the article to reflect the new method. Thanks!

  9. it doesn't work :(

  10. Doesn't work anymore. There is no flv in the header.

  11. MaxMaxMMAAXX says:

    i want to download someone else's vids, tho. how do i do that?

  12. Why would I want do download my own videos? I would have them already. The point is to be able to download ALL other videos.

  13. Doesn't work, and they're full of ads anyway. Time to start watching another site.

  14. This can't be done. I have a video on Ustream and I cannot download it. It cannot be done. The video is instantly uploaded to the far reaches of the galaxy never again to return to earth. However, I do challenge anyone to actually successfully download my group, Bob Dee's Cosmosis. Here's the link:
    Prove to me that it actually exists! I'll give anyone a free CD that can actually come up with the video.

  15. actually I did this about a half hour ago but youll need a sniffer of some sort like URL snooper. download and install this program and its WinPcap thing,(if you dont have it, if you have it then ship this step), then run url snooper, hit sniff network and then play the video (this was only tested with recorded shows) you should see a bunch of URLs come up, switch to multimedia urls from the drop down menu and try all the other ones until you see a link that starts with "http://" and ends with ".FLV". this should be the video you want. I am downloading a large FLV file as we speak so I dont know if its the right one but it should. this stream was 145 mins long and is 1 GB in size. copy the HTTP .flv link to the clipboard (right click on link in URL Snooper, click copy to clipboard)then open a new browser tab and paste the link there and hit Go or return. your browser if your using firefox it should ask what you want to do (open or Save file) choose Save file, give it a name and location on your HD and hit save if it asks you. after a couple of hours depending on your connection speed it will dl the flv file. open it in your favorite program for playing back FLVs. thats it your done. if you want to convert it then use your favorite converter program. let me know how this all works out for you.

  16. @cd

    your method works great! thanks a lot!

    for all people that did not understand cd's comment above check out our blog soon for a detailed tutorial with images on how to download ustream videos.

    thanks again cd!!

  17. @cd

    your method with the URL snooper works great, I have just tried it and it downloads the videos directly from the ustream server address. This is fantastic, thanks for sharing your info.

    Anyone that did not understand cd's method can have a look at our blog soon where I will put up a detailed tutorial with images on how to download videos from ustream with the URL snooper.

    Thanks cd and of course thanks goes to thinkingserious as trying to supply a working method.

    Please don't delete my comment, I write it so other people can find a solution to their problem on your blog.

  18. @cd thanks, that worked like a charm.

  19. Ok, here is the little tutorial I have written up just now:

    Screen-shots are included shortly. Hope that helps all of you out there!

  20. cd you are cool man.
    thanks for sharing information.

  21. Thanks, ThinkingSerious, cd and KinkY together solved my problem :)

  22. thecheat519 says:

    I recently had some videos that I couldn't download (specifically ones where the link started with Use Orbit Downloader and Grab++ to find the url starting with rtmp:// and ending with .flv – then enter and you should be able to (finally) download your video.

  23. thecheat519 says:

    Sry, my above post got reformatted. What I meant to say was take the part and just add the .flv filename at the end of the Grab++ url (for example:… – note that link doesn't actually work, just an example.

  24. thankful says:


    that was really very helpful. thanks a lot!

  25. ckozack says:

    If you use Adblock Plus in Firefox you don't even need to download anything else!

    If you open the blockable items list by clicking on the ABP stop sign you can find the .flv link, copy the address and just delete the trailer after the flv extension. It works excellently for a few streams I've tried.

  26. @cd……wow….you were spot on! Thank you so much for your instructions.

    It worked when following your instructions.

    Thank you !!!

  27. sheldoncooper says:

    How to download ustream video ?
    I use a software called GetFLV.
    You can have a try!~~It's very good!

  28. I used Grab++ from Orbit downloader.
    My browser is firefox, when mouse pointer across the flv OR video, the Grab++ icon (GetIt) directly appear.
    After this u choose the file that u wanted.

  29. the easiest way to deal with this problem (downloading flv videos without using flash) is to examine an "http trace", as has been described above… there are countless software programs to do this… e.g. "url snooper". examining the trace i can tell you how to download the video. this will work for ANY video site. the only catch is you need to have flash installed and enabled when running the trace. so… if someone were to start a site with sample http traces for all video sites… this problem could be solved for ALL video sites. no one would need to endure the hassle of Adobe Flash ever again! (except when making a sample trace). it's that simple folks. there is no such thing as a video that cannot be saved. if you're watching it, then it's being downloaded to your machine. you need only know the url that you're downloading from. hope this is clear. spread the word…

  30. Just thought I'd add this to the list of methods.

    In Firefox, use the addon called Tamper Data ( Open it up and load the page, then wait a bit. Do a search for "flv" and the URL of the video will appear. It should with "http://*". Right click and "Open in browser". You should be prompted to save a file with a long name (video id?) with the extension flv.

  31. I tried today this method for recorder videos, works great, simple and perfect!
    Flv file extension.

    Also supports list,(Open each video in new tab and “Karbon” gets the video link into the list!)

    Find it here
    Firefox extension
    Karbon Flv Downloader από τον/την Harsha C Alva

  32. Tracy Lewis says:

    I used URLsnooper 2 for ustream and for some reason the flv file that I downloaded didn't have correct metadata and didn't play, but there was an identical-named *.mp4 address file and it downloaded and worked perfect! Not sure why though. Maybe it's something new.

  33. sheldon says:

    Hello, GetFLV can help us download Ustream.TV videos. And you can get the software from…. All of you may have a try, and hope you like it!

  34. hi i want to download my radio shows from ustream how do i go about that if any1 has any idea get bck to me plz

  35. ChiCKLaser says:

    I have tested a lot of programs lately to see which one would get those streams without problem and I think VSO Downloader does a great job on ustream. Give it a try!

  36. @ ChiCKLaser : Thanks bro VSO Downloader definitely works. Thanks

  37. use @cd's method with chrome, safari or firefox+firebug… all you need to do to find the video link is right click > inspect element > check the network tab…

  38. Even these instructions and comments seems to be a different language. I need a friend to make this easier.
    I have a Laptop Hp Windows 7. This is all new. Anyone CARE to help?

  39. Ok lol,
    @CD thanks for the help but that is an extremely inefficient way of doing it !!!!!

    All browsers have a dev tools menu.
    For Chrome just Hit F12
    Switch to the Network tab
    Reload the page
    you will see all the URL's

    There will be one or two URL's in RED thats because it downloading or still streaming to ur browser…

    So literally click the URL that is in red and ends in FLV then hit CTRL+C then in a new tab CTRL+V

    All done :)


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