What Online Social Media Networks Do You Participate In?

There are so many social media networks that add value in some way. Most are free, while some offer upgrades for special features. Here is a list of the networks I use, organized by frequency, along with a brief description of my perceived value.


One of the most addicting sites on the Internet today. I always find a slew of interesting articles on the front page, top 10 and upcoming sections. I also find the comments entertaining; while you may find many comments that don’t contribute to the thread, those will be voted down by the community, putting them out of sight.

I am a new Twitter user who previously did not understand the craze; however, since joining, I have found it to be interesting and easy to contribute. allows for easy contribution via phone and Twitter works easily with my Pocket PC using their mobile interface.

I use this service exclusively for websites that I want to find easily later. I am considering building a master search tool that would easily search across all my social bookmarking accounts to easily find the websites I have submitted and voted on.

I just started a new account with; however, my previous account will still be used until I can find a way to merge the two. It is also cool that is now using my favorite framework, Symfony.


I can always find interesting stories here, so much so that I need to be careful not to vaporize hours. I am almost at the point where this site will be moving to my “frequently visited” list. The only reason it has not, is that I already spend too much time at

Many Diggers have migrated to this relatively new Digg like social news network. I like the features here, but so far there is something about it, that I can’t quite pinpoint, that makes it look a level below Digg. That said, I look forward to contributing and watching them evolve.

As I start using this more, it may become my replacement to Twitter, due to its awesome feature set. Especially if they make an interface to like Twitter did.

There are always interesting articles related to tech start ups here. Since I own a few tech start ups, the content at YCombinator is always interesting to me. Generally the comments seem to be more helpful and positive in comparison to its cousin Reddit.


I consider this website Digg’s ugly step-sister :p. However, I still visit on occasion to check out the content, since its content and community differs from Digg in some ways, but I still prefer to see the description in addition to the title.

I just found out about this site from a friend recently.Then I found out that Tamar was a moderator. Those two facts caused me to give Sphinn a serious look. I like what I see in terms of content and community. I can see myself using this site more and more. Just need to figure out how to add more hours to the day.

Something about the feel of this site has kept me from coming back more regularly. But since Muhammed is a scout there, I will keep hope alive and continue to contribute.

As my time becomes less available, I find it necessary to outsource on occasion. I used to use CraigsList for this; however, since now reposts to CraigsList automatically, I get the huge viewer base for CraigsList combined with structured conversation and data with ThemBid.

I’m calling this a social media network because you have comment threads surrounding your request, that the community can participate in, along with the ability to upload files to help describe your request.

I have been sucked into the FaceBook world by real world friends. Once I arrived, I found that many of the people I meet, when networking, are connected via FaceBook. I am not sure what I think about the platform yet, as I have not had that much time to play with it. My initial impression is that its a good way to stay connected with both contacts and relationships.

I use LinkedIn to track all of my professional relationships. I find that most of my executive/owner level contacts are all on LinkedIn. I’ve gained value from the question/answer feature and the ability to get introduced to someone else’s contact.


I started using this only recently because many of my friends use it and I often get consulting questions revolving around MySpace. It seems that the interface is a bit cleaner than it was back in the beginning, although the header looks to same and there are a ton of ads.

I may end up using MySpace more often depending on how often my real friends use it. But, you’ll see no blinking animations of any kind on my profile (unless its and ad).

Now that I have a nifty new camera, I just might start using this service. I have a bunch of photos from previous conferences that I have not found the time to upload. I think this will be a great way to share my photos, similar to YouTube with my videos.

I just signed up for this a few weeks ago. It seems to be an interesting way to keep track of your blogs. The stats section seems interesting (mmmm, stats); I just need to make time and add the script to my blogs.

I plan to contribute more tutorials and videos; however, video editing is still too time consuming for me. Perhaps, after I become more proficient with video editing, I will contribute more often. I do enjoy perusing YouTube videos; however, I miss the download to iPod format feature with Google Videos.

Add your favorite social media networks in the comments.


  1. Hey, thanks for the mention!
    I use Digg, Twitter, and Sphinn nearly all day (just started using twitter a few weeks ago).

    I use the rest less frequently. I do like mybloglog, not as a social network, but as a way to track visitors to my blog. I tend to join the communities of those that visit.

  2. Nice post. I've added you as a friend on most of these. How do we get on pownce?

  3. You need invites to get into Pownce. I have 24 left.

  4. The invites section of Mashable is also very useful for getting invites to all these new social platforms.

  5. Good overview, TS!

  6. Thanks for the invites and info.

  7. Wow, some list you got there.
    I use Flickr, Myspace, Facebook. Lastfm and Youtube, and I got 8hands sitting on my desktop,aggregating my content and contacts and notifying me upon any event on my profiles. It's a helpful tool, I don't really understand how anyone could manage so many profiles without a bit of help :).

  8. Hey TS,

    An app that could index all your bookmarks across sites like delicious, reddit, and of course our favorite, Digg would be awesome. I've been entertaining the idea of trying to do something like this with Google Gears, etc. Hit me up if you want to collaborate.

    Chris Spinchange.

  9. @spinchange

    How about starting a a project over at Google Code?

  10. I use several social networks linkedin, myspace, spoke, xing, zoominfo, mostly for business contacts.

    I enjoy using Facebook and Ning fo the personal social networking.

    In general I find them indispensible, for various reasons.

    I am waiting for the day that i hope isn't too far off where one UI will allow me to update or receive updates for all of my social network subscriptions via one UI/Dashboard.

  11. The two finger scrolling thing works much better with IE7 than firefox. In firefox is much slower and I have to repeat the tapping/draging because most of the time it won't work. No problem again with IExplorer 7.

    anyone has a fix for firefox (3.04)?

    I did try the options, all of them : smooth scrolling on/off etc.

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