In an attempt to motivate myself to complete all my weekend chores, I turn to Benjamin Franklin:

Tolerate no uncleanliness in body, clothes, or habitation.

Of course, keeping everything clean appears to be a never ending task that can consume your whole life if you let it. Where is the limit? I’m not sure, but I do find that the time spent (at least once a week) creating order in your life, through ordinary household chores and GTD weekly reviews, definitely helps keep my world flowing smoother.

If you need some motivation to get you going, check out “Everything in its Place, Finally and Forever” and “I Don’t Want Stuff Any More, Only Things” from one of my favorite blogs,


  1. bojandjordjevic says:

    While I was reading Ben Fren's autobiography I found that he was a productivity nerd. He was carefully writing things down, and carefully executed his plans day in and day out…

    There are self evident truths in his writing :) Productivity is a way of life, not a quick fix :)

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