Import an OmniFocus Completed Task Report into Evernote via AppleScript

This OmniFocus AppleScript allows you to specify a time frame (e.g. Today, Yesterday, Last Week, etc.) of completed OmniFocus tasks to export into Evernote.

This is what the report looks like:

OmniFocus Completed Task Report Imported to Evernote

Here are some ideas to expand this script:

* organize the results by Folder
* make the note title start with YYYY-MM-DD
* send this report via email


Food ID

I *really* want this idea to become reality. Check it out and let me know what you think.


How can I be productive on the Internet?

This is the question I answered over on medium.

To me, opening up a web browser is like walking into a large library. The potential is overwhelming and a strategy is necessary to maximize the amazing opportunity before you. Check out my strategy and let me know what you think.


Talk: A Personal Life API

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of presenting a 40 minute tutorial on how to create your own Personal Life API at API World in San Francisco.

The talk consists of the slides, documentation (on APIary) and code (on GitHub, written in Python/Flask).

Big thanks to API World for offering a platform to express these ideas and SendGrid for sponsoring my attendance.


Terror and Fiction

Last night, I woke up in a state of terror several times, with no real reason I can remember. Perhaps I should not have watched The Leftovers right before going to sleep.

When I awoke for the day ahead, I was determined to carpe diem, even though I was feeling weary due to lack of sleep. And in fact, today ended up being among my most productive days.

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Chaos Proof Your Habits and Routines

When I became a Developer Evangelist at SendGrid (one of the best jobs on the planet), I learned just how difficult keeping habits and routines while traveling really is. While I still struggle with this challenge, there are a few tips I’d like to pass on to help you keep moving towards your goals, posthaste.

Enjoy and pass along to your chaotic good friends.

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Have you created your own Personal API?

If so, tell me about it :)

If not, head on over and read my latest blog post, Quantify Thyself: Creating a Personal Life API, that describes how to create one.


Automate Thyself, Then Go Forth and Multiply Your Robots

I’ve written a two part series about creating bots to automate various aspects of your life. The first part, Automate Your Life With a Bot Army, was published today and the second post is coming soon.

If you have automated something in your life that has been a game changer, let me know and I’ll add it to the second post.

ACTION: Commit to automating at least one system/process per week. Imagine the outcome after 1 year!


SMTP Service

Common question: What is it your company does again? Well, now I have a new and improved answer :)

Through the experience of working for an email delivery company for the past 4 years, I’ve learned just how important it is to businesses to get their emails delivered, especially transactional emails such as receipts and confirmation emails.

Of course, it’s not magic and you can do it yourself, but this is one of those mission critical services that should be handled by experts. Don’t learn that the hard way.

If you still don’t get why you need a SMTP Service, my friends at SendGrid just released a blog post that explains it much better than I can. Take 5 minutes and give it a quick read.

May all your emails be delivered :)


A Checklist for Developers

Do you use a checklist for your programming projects? I would love to learn more about your process.

Please take a moment to check out mine and let me know what you think.